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About Your Blue Jays and Butterflies Experience

Blue Jays and Butterflies believes in creativity, family, friends, fun, and memories cherished. When you attend or host a party, our first goal is that you have a fun, relaxing time with your friends and family. This is achieved by our hands-on approach and step-by-step guidance from an experienced instructor. Even the most “creativity-challenged” guest will be able to make a masterpiece that they will be proud to showcase in their home or gift to someone special.

You will leave your Blue Jays and Butterflies party with a memorable experience, creative inspiration, a new found confidence in your artistic abilities, and great memories with friends and family.

Ready to host a party? Let us know! OR Join a party that is already on our schedule by visiting our workshops page.

A Message from Amy, Founder and Owner

I love being a sign maker!  I have always worked with my hands so woodworking and painting have come naturally. However, I am a very social person and working by myself in my wood shop was kind of lonely.

So I Got to thinking…

Since I  love teaching and building relationships with others, why don’t I create DIY workshops and share the experience?

Sharing this experience with others is amazing. I am so full of gratitude for this journey.

I hope you can join me.

Here’s to creativity!

Amy Rondoni
Founder, Blue Jays & Butterflies

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