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“Alone, love is _________.”

“Alone, love is _________.”

What Does this Month’s Blog Title Mean to You?

Personally, I could find so many different ways to end this statement and many variations to what it means to me. I have never thought about “love” in a singular form until the other night. I was out with my husband, Matt, listening to live music and dancing. Sitting near me, was a nice man who stated how happy Matt and I were. He  then struck up a conversation with me about joy and happiness.

To be honest, all I wanted was to be dancing with Matt on one of our rare date nights, however, I stayed in the conversation because I thought just maybe the universe wanted me to hear this message. He asked me to complete this statement “Alone, love is ______.” and asked what it meant to me and then he stated ”The only way to be happy and to feel joy is to be content.”

My Struggle with Contentment

Yes, the universe did want me to hear what this gentleman had to say that evening because I struggle with “content”. I always want more. I’m always thinking ahead. Although I am grateful for what I have and know how lucky I am, I always still feel as though I am not doing enough. With that said, my goal for 2020 is to know that I am enough. I do not need to be more, do more or expect more. 

But as for the statement about

 “Alone, love  is ________.”

Well, for me, it is just that simple. 

“Alone, love is.”

To my followers on Social Media it may look like all I do is have fun painting, playing in the outdoors, cheering my son’s hockey team and generally celebrating. Yes, those things are all a big part of my life, however, my life is so much deeper than that. It is raw and gritty. I experience joy. I experience sorrow. Sometimes many feelings hit me at the exact same time. 

For the last few years I have been in a deep deep processing mode. Trying to figure out why I have lived through what I have lived through. Slowly, the answers are coming to me.
For me, life is about finding silence and being quiet, both mentally and physically and just feeling the joy and the sorrow while just “being”.  


To be enough with myself I will do my best to find joy and happiness in my heart with every sunrise knowing that every day is a new beginning to greet with bright eyes and an open heart. 
I will ask you, my friends, to please remember this for yourselves and if you choose to join me, we can remind each other that there is only now and there is only love. 
“Alone, love is _______.”
“Alone, love is enough.” 
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