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Celebrate National Friendship Day this August

Celebrate National Friendship Day this August

A couple of weeks ago I was helping a client choose a date in August for a Blue Jays and Butterflies workshop she is hosting at her house. The calendar we were looking over had all of the regular holiday observations…and a bit more. One that stood out was “National Wiggle Your Toes Day”. You may not believe it, but this little known holiday is actually acknowledged and celebrated. I didn’t believe it either so after a quick internet search, I found “National Wiggle Your Toes Day” does exist and it takes place each and every year on August 6th.

Is it time to freshen our pedis, round up the girls and throw down a toe wiggling party? Yes, I believe it is. If wiggling your toes is not a cause for you to celebrate, read on. I found loads of obscure holidays online for all types of lifestyles and even a place to register your own holiday if you want to share your passion with the world, Jimmy Kimmel or Ellen.


National Pancake Day is observed on March 12, 2019.

My curiosity, mixed with any excuse to have a party, got the better of me when I decided it was imperative to find out which holiday celebrations I have been missing out on. By performing a quick internet search, I found that one can find a wide variety of “holidays” dedicated for everyone and everything. I had no idea that throughout the year, there are days that someone found important enough to share with others across the globe. Both nationally and internationally, homage is paid to many things such as food, drink, a large variety of activities, family, friends, desserts, fruits, hobbies, pets, veggies, and more. From “National Pancake Day” to “National Kiss and Make Up Day” to “National Puppy Day” to “National Eyewear Day”, there is a celebration to be had for all.

As I write this, “National Cheesecake Day” and “World Day of Friendship” are coming up and are celebrated yearly on July 30th. On the heels of these celebrations the upcoming “holidays” are “National Friendship Day”, occurring on the first Sunday of every August, followed by “National Relaxation Day” on August 15th of each year. “National Eat Outside Day” closes out the month of August every year on the 31st.

puppy day

National Puppy Day puts a smile on everyone’s face on March 23, 2020.

My takeaway from all of these holidays is that some of the recognized “holidays” may seem silly to us which leads us ask the question “Why?”. I then realized these days are important enough to someone out there that they felt the need to go out of their way to spend valuable time to register their special day and with the hope of approval that leads to recognition. Technically, not all of these “holidays” are “official”. To become an official holiday in the US because it literally takes an Act of Congress to get one approved by the government, but do not fret, there is actually a registration process where anybody can seek approval for a “holiday” that honors something important to them.

Official or not, I decided that to honor the hard work that someone put in to creating a couple of the August “holidays”. This month, I will be honoring both “National Friendship Day” and “National Relaxation Day”. These dates stood out to me because I feel that any day dedicated to celebrating friendship should be recognized. I also know for sure I could use a day dedicated to relaxation.

Friendship Day

Book a girls’ night out, National Friendship Day is on on August 4, 2019.

How am I going to celebrate these “holidays”? Well, since crafting relaxes me and I love crafting with friends, I am going to combine these “holidays” by inviting friends over for a fun and relaxing crafting day. Of course, I will be serving chocolate chip cookies in honor of “National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day” which falls on August 4th.


National Eyewear Day is celebrated yearly on June 6th.

What I learned from “National Wiggle Your Toes Day” and my internet searches of the “holidays” is that we should place an importance of recognizing whatever makes us happy. Whether it is a friendship, the need for relaxation, cookies, pie, eyewear or simply wiggling your toes, don’t wait for an Act of Congress to acknowledge what is important to you and share it with others.

Celebrate “National Friendship Day” and “National Relaxation Day” with me! Use code FRIEND20 to save 20% off any Blue Jays and Butterflies workshop through August 31, 2019. Blue Jays and Butterflies workshops offer a great way for friends to gather and create beautiful home décor in a relaxing environment.

National Holiday Source: https://nationaldaycalendar.com/

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