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Crafty Card Tricks for DIY Valentine Décor and Gifts

Crafty Card Tricks for DIY Valentine Décor and Gifts

I don’t know about you, but I would have never thought that an everyday deck of playing cards could bring Valentine cheer to your home or make a gift for a loved one. While feeding my Pinterest obsession last night, I ran across  these adorable and affordable “crafty card tricks” that seem easy enough t0 make with the kids.

With the use of the hearts from a card deck, you can make a Valentine wreath for your door. Make a string of garland for your mantle, a single flower or a a few for a bouquet. The 52 card deck can even be used to make your loved one a little book or a journal.

Have fun crafting and I would love to see your finished projects! Post photo and tag us we’d love to see your creativity! Bonus…you will be automatically entered in our quarterly drawing!

❤️ Your Front Door

blue jays and butterflies valentine wreath

Photo via: Pinterest

This sweet wreath of playing card hearts shows your Valentine Day spirit and is guaranteed to make your guest’s heart skip a beat. A simple hanging heart adornment and red ribbon hanger helps to tie it all together. 

Garland ❤️’s Valentine’s Day Too!

Photo via: Happiness is Homemade

This adorable and affordable Valentine garland rates so high on the cute meter that it will make your Christmas garland jealous. Perfect for a fireplace mantel, to drape over a beds headboard or to use as curtain toppers. 

Budding Romance

Photo via: Pinterest

So many options for this cute flower and gem! Glue to a bobby pin or a barrette to wear wherever you go. Finish with floral tape and wire on the back and put in a stem vase. If you are feeling super crafty (or are super in love) make a bouquet from 6 to 12. 

52 Reasons Why I ❤️ You

Photo via: Pinterest

All you need is a deck of cards, a glue stick, a hole punch, a piece of ribbon and 52 sentiments to make a cute keepsake book. Get creative and decorate the cover anyway you like. You can also make a journal if you leave the pages blank.


Stay Creative! 


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