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Front Porch Pizzazz

Front Porch Pizzazz

Oh the sweet, lazy days of summertime! Nothing says summer to me more than kicking back on my porch with an ice cold glass of lemonade and a good friend. Whether you have a big wraparound porch with room for many or just a few steps to sit on, your porch is the place that welcomes your friends, neighbors and family.

Your front porch is the first impression of your unique, personal style. It is the opening statement to what lies beyond the front door. A porch can offer a warm welcome that tells your guest that the “door is open, come on in”, it can be modern, tidy and sophisticated, or even the smallest of porches can be set up as an additional living and entertainment area.

There are so many options for creating and reflecting your personality and style, but these are the five must-haves for an inviting front porch.

One: Hang a Wreath on Your Front Door

A nice green wreath can be so welcoming. A simple preserved boxwood wreath can stand alone for a modern look, or If you want a cute farmhouse effect hang it with a ribbon and nestle a small wooden welcome sign. Be super cute and switch these small signs out seasonally and at each holiday.

Two: Use Door Mats to Make a Statement

If you are a traditionalist, the standard “Welcome” will probably suit your style. If you have an open door policy with guests, then a “Come in, We’re Awesome” would be a fun choice. There are so many cute welcome mat designs available that suit any style, message or personality.

Three: Front Porch Sign

I offer these popular freestanding signs, shown above in workshops, sell at craft fairs and I also take custom orders. The designs and messages for these signs are limitless. I even offer double-sided signs that may say “Welcome” on one side and then it flips over to say “Merry Christmas”. Want to make one yourself? I am hosting a DIY Workshop where I will teach you how to make a single sided porch sign. It is on July 13, at Sonoma Harvest in Fairfield.  Sign up for this fun workshop here.

Four: Add Color and Dimension with Plants and Flowers

Spruce up your front porch and create a colorful welcome using potted flowers, plants or succulents. If you are feeling creative you can paint clay pots with polka dots, a chevron pattern, your initials or your house numbers. Think “outside of the pot” and use something unusual to host your potted greenery. Vintage finds, like the retro cooler, shown above, is a unique way to add flair and fun. You can hollow out logs, retrofit chairs, use galvanized metal pails and more.

Five: Make Space to Socialize

What good is a front porch if it can’t be shared with friends? If you have a large porch, you already have additional space to entertain, relax and enjoy. Just add comfy seating and a side table or two for a place to set your cold drinks. If you don’t have the space you want, make it! The photo shown above adds a deck to the front area. Enlarging your front porch does not have to be this extravagant. You can dig out a bit of lawn and use pavers, bricks or decomposed granite.

If you have the skills to enlarge your porch, do it yourself. If not, hire a contractor to make your current porch larger. Pinterest is great for ideas and inspiration.

Now that You are Set up…Set Aside

After you set up your porch, make sure you set aside time to spend with friends, family and neighbors creating memories. That’s what truly makes a front porch.

Add porch pizzazz with a cute front porch sign at my upcoming workshop on July 13, at Sonoma Harvest in Fairfield. There is limited seating and this special workshop is filling quickly so register now!


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