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Book Your Next Fundraising Event with Blue Jays and Butterflies!

We are as passionate about giving back to our community as you are. We are here to help you have a fun, creative and profitable fundraising event. To book a fundraising event contact us.

Following is general fundraising information:

  • Fundraisers are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.
  • Your participants make 12”x 12” wood signs.
  • Our rates for fundraisers are $35+tax per 12″ x 12″ sign (reg. rate is $45+tax  per 12″ x 12″ sign).
  • Minimum participants for a fundraiser is 15 people.
  • If you have more than twenty people register, we would ask that you supply a volunteer to assist me. If you can not find a volunteer, we can bring an assistant to the event for $15/hr (per assistant) to be paid 7 days prior to the event, when the stencil choices are due.
  • Anything you charge above and beyond your rate of  $35+tax per participant is kept by the organization for which you are fundraising. (Most groups charge anywhere from $45-$60 per 12”x 12”  sign.)
  • All instruction, materials, and supplies will be provided by Blue Jays and Butterflies for guests to complete their signs.
  • An instructor will be at your location about a half hour before the event is to start for set up. Please
    have all the tables and chairs set up prior to my arrival. (We will supply the table coverings).
  • You will choose 8 12”x12” stencil designs from the Blue Jays and Butterflies stencil gallery for your event.
  • We ask for you to be in charge of all marketing and selling of tickets to your event. Please let us review your invite prior to sending it out to guests.
  • Guests’ sign choices must be in 7 days prior to the event in order to give us enough time to prepare the custom stencils and materials for your event.
  • Payment and stencil choices  MUST be received in full 7 days prior to the event. NO EXCEPTIONS. (To make it easier on you, we  recommend you require your guests’ stencil choices and payment to be into you 10 days prior to your event).

Thank you for your interest. Please  contact us with your fundraising events or questions.

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