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Organize Your Craft Supplies…on a Budget!

Organize Your Craft Supplies…on a Budget!

I have found that organization is key to successful crafting. There is nothing worse than having to stop and hunt for a misplaced item I need to use. I have found that there are easy ways to store my supplies so they are easy to find, always within reach and ready for me to use. Storage units made for craft supplies can be expensive, so I wanted to share some tips that I have found helpful and affordable. 

Where is My Stuff? 

Are the kids always running off with your scissors, glue or markers? The first step I suggest is that you set assign a “ME” space for your supplies and a “THEM” space stocked with items that you find missing when you need them. It does not need to be a large area, using simple containers, drawers or a small space in your craft area will set boundaries. The key to this is put your supplies neatly away instead of leaving them laying around. I know if I don’t put my supplies away and leave on the table, they are free game and tend to run off.

Put it Back Where it Belongs

As mentioned above, if your supplies are laying around, they have a tendency to run away. It is really frustrating to be in the mood to craft and you can’t find anything. Once you are organized with places for your supplies, it is easy to take 5 minutes when you are done to put things away.

Simple & Affordable Storage Solutions

Upcycled jars make for great storage. Bonus! They are virtually free if you save empty jars from sauces, jellies and pickles!

Clay pots and mason jars are affordable and cute for pens, scissors, rulers, paintbrushes, and more. If you poke a hole in the lid of a mason jar, you can use it for twine storage. Save those jars you empty in the kitchen and upcycle them for your crafting storage. Pro Tip: Be sure to add a foam pad at the bottom if you are storing your scissors in them so the tips don’t dull or chip. 

Paper towel holders make a stylish way to organize your inventory.

Countertop paper towel holders make a great storage solution for ribbon spools, string, tape, wire, and vinyl rolls.

Expandable file folders can be found at the dollar store and area a great way to organize your sandpaper, crafting paper, stencils, receipts, and other items that are flat. Pro Tip: If you are investing in paper for your craft projects, it is best to store it flat so it doesn’t curl or warp.

Muffin tins help keep those tiny items organized and easy to grab quickly.

Muffin tins work well for holding small items such as eyelets, paper clips, erasers, pins, and more. Spray paint them for a bit of flair. Pro Tip: Clear plastic cups that fit in the recesses of the tin allow you to have a bit more freedom to take only what you need to your crafting table. 

Old baking sheets can be used as a magnetic bulletin board to post your craft supply shopping list, to do list, a family picture, and other items. Just like the cupcake pan, a quick spray painting session will make it look brand new. 

Look around your house and use your imagination to see what you can find to use for storage. If you are reading this, you are obviously creative, so get creative with your storage by painting the items to match your décor, paint designs on the clay pots, add fabric to the lids of your mason jars, spray paint baking sheets and wire baskets…the possibilities for craft storage are endless!

Now that you are organized, it’s time to start your holiday crafting projects!