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Spring Cleaning… Quickly and Naturally

Spring Cleaning… Quickly and Naturally

Spring Cleaning… Quickly and Naturally

I love the ritual of spring cleaning, but let’s face it, I don’t love it that much! If the sun is shining I would rather be with my family playing outside. In an effort to keep my home environment free of toxins, I have a few tricks up my sleeve. Since you are using natural products, you will feel comfortable with delegating the windows to your husband and the bathrooms to your kids! I hope sharing these with you will help you breeze through your spring cleaning naturally and speed it up so you can play outside too!

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Set Your Dryer Sheets Free!

I am not a fan of dryer sheets due to environmental reasons, but I am excited that Mrs. Meyers, among others have come up with a plant-based, chemical-free, compostable alternative. These handy little sheets that work so hard for us in the dryer have many other uses around the house. Buy Mrs. Meyers Dryer Sheets, along with other natural products I rely on in my Shop My Faves store.

Besides softening our clothes and making them smell fresh they have amazing powers that can be used to:

  • Clean a greasy stove top.
  • Remove soap scum from your bathtub and shower.
  • Soften hardened dirt or mud so it is easier to mop or wipe up.
  • A used dryer sheet with a bit of water cleans blinds and more around the house without scratching.
  • Replace your dust rag and polish with a dryer sheet to dust furniture and repel future dust.

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Freshen Up with Fruit

Spring cleaning

Fruit can help clean and freshen your home.

Not only is fresh fruit great for our health, it can help you clean your house. So hit the produce section of your local grocery store and load on nature’s cleaning supplies.

Citrus, in particular, can be an especially powerful cleanser, so it is best to test on a small area before conquering the entire surface. Here are some ideas to freshen up with fruit.

  • Cut a grapefruit in half and sprinkle salt on it to work cleaning your shower, sink and tub.
  • Stubborn sticky grease spots on pots and pans can be tackled by making a paste out of salt and grapefruit juice, place on the problem area and let sit for 10-15 minutes before wiping clean.
  • Chrome faucets can be shined up with lemon and salt.
  • Toss a quartered orange, lemon or lime in your garbage disposal and run it for 30 seconds with cold water to deodorize.
  • Soak plastic containers in lemon water to remove odors and stains.
  • Need a bit more power to aid in scrubbing, I love these sponges that I feature in my shop.

Preserve Your Hard Work

Keep your home spiffy long after spring cleaning. A few simple tricks will help keep your house clean and smelling fresh all year long.

  • Ball up newspaper and put at the bottom of your trash can. It will soak up those yucky liquids and if you sprinkle a bit of baking soda on the newspaper, it will help eliminate odors.
  • Use flour sack towels to line your clean refrigerator shelves and drawers. When a spill happens, you have a built-in rag to wipe it up right away, launder and reuse.
  • Did you know that bread picks up broken glass?  Well, we both do now! Just press a soft piece of bread onto the broken glass and toss in the trash. White bread works best, but other breads can be softened by placing in the microwave for 5-10 seconds.
  • Studies show that making your bed every morning leads to more productivity.
  • Put things away as soon as you are done using them, deal with paper clutter immediately and do your dishes after every meal.

Clean Mama’s Guide to a Healthy Home” is a great book to read to either start or add to your journey of living in a toxin-free home.

Do you have natural tips to share? If so let me know by contacting me and you will be entered in our quarterly drawing!