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Ten DIY Christmas Decorations…That I Want to Make!

Ten DIY Christmas Decorations…That I Want to Make!

We all know that I love DIY and creating home décor projects for every season. I have to be honest here and admit that Google is my BFF when I am looking for new ideas for décor. When I need a bit of inspiration I love to check out projects my fellow bloggers have created. 

This month, I decided to share my fave 10 DIY online finds with you! What I really like about these particular DIY projects I am sharing is that each one can be adapted to match any holiday décor. I have included a link to the instructions for each project so let’s start creating!

Modern Garland with Wire Wreaths

If you want to stray from the traditional this is a refreshing idea. I like the citrus and the dainty wire wreaths. Of course you can replace with anything you want, even traditional items and colors! For instructions, visit sugarandcharm.com.

Jumbo Lights and Christmas Garland

In my opinion, this project just screams “FUN!”. Make it a craft day with the kids and have a blast! For instructions, visit sugarandcloth.com

Christmas Tree Felt Garland

What an easy and colorful way to fill in your tree. Very pretty, easy to make and economical too! Instructions can be found by visiting tellloveandparty.com

Galvanized Bucket Greeting 

I think these are a great way to decorate the front porch! There are so many options with this idea such as larger pots with live trees and lights, more pots to make a different greeting, smaller pots to hold treats inside, and much more! Learn how to make these at findinghomefarms.com

Plastic Spoon Christmas Trees

No one will guess that these are plastic spoons once you finish painting them. You can even cover each spoon in fabric or add a gem in the middle of them. An environmentally friendly tip: Clean and save leftover plastic spoons throughout the year to upcycle them into these spiffy trees. Learn how these were made at oneprojectcloser.com.

Birch Slab Centerpiece Grouping

This reminds me of the mountains. Add your own touch with adornments to these so it matches your décor or table setting. Get the look with the instructions at thesweetescape.ca.

Temporary Tattoo Christmas Ornaments

Great for the person who can’t paint but loves those beautiful hand painted glass ornaments. Make this in just a few minutes with temporary tattoos, gift wrap, photos, etc. and decoupage using Mod Podge or another medium you like to use. Find the instructions by visiting thecraftedlife.com.

Paper Feathered Garland

When I saw this project, I thought it looked complicated because the photo looks so formal. I was wrong, these are so easy to make! Great project on a snowy or rainy day with the kids. I think these could stay up all year! Learn how to do these at liagriffith.com.

Paper Tablecloth

So easy that it doesn’t need a link to the instructions! You just need some black, white, kraft or other colored butcher paper and a paint pen! This one made the list not only because of the cuteness factor…but that it makes cleanup a breeze! Photo via: housebeautiful.com.

Mini House Advent Calendar

I haven’t tried this project, because it looks like it may take a bit more time and patience than I have this close to Christmas, but it is so adorable, I had to list it here and add to my crafting project list for next year. Find the instructions for these cuties at sugarandcharm.com.

I hope you have fun crafting and making memories this season with family and friends. If you make something from this post, be sure to share with us on Facebook and tag us to be entered in our quarterly contest. 

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