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Ten Finds from the Dollar Store You Need to Know About

Ten Finds from the Dollar Store You Need to Know About

If you love crafting and DIY projects, then your local dollar or .99 store is the place for you! I had an hour to myself a few weeks ago, so I went into a dollar store to check it out. This unplanned trip completely broke me out of my habit of heading to the nearest national chain craft retailer for certain items I use a lot.

If you take your time to look around you can find a lot of great things that you can use to create some really cool stuff. The best part? It won’t break the bank!

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Following are ten things I found at my local “dollar” store that I use on a regular basis. I found so much more, but here is a list to get you started.

1. Wire Cutters
Just like scissors, they come in many shapes and sizes. I find the small size perfect for working with silk flowers, wreaths and jewelry making.






2. Tin Containers  
These are the best. You can do nothing at all to them and they look cute. You can also “plant” some fake flowers in them, use them as a bathroom or kitchen caddy, use them as a craft supply organizer and you are good to go.

You can also spray paint them any color you want. Spray both the inside and outside, let dry then use 300 grit  sandpaper to distress. Wrap some twine around the top edges and you just upped your farmhouse style.

3. Kraft Paper
Let’s  start with the obvious uses; wrapping gifts, protecting work spaces or countertops from paint, glue or other crafting materials. Packaging material for shipping and more.

If you have kids, it’s also an inexpensive way to keep them creative with finger-painting, drawing with markers or painting. Once the kids create their art, kraft paper makes special wrapping paper for gifts to grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other kids. It also makes cool artwork for decorating your children’s rooms.

Do people still use text books? If so it protects books when they are covered with it.

Having a dinner party? Use as a table runner and encourage your guests to sign it and create on it with the crayons, colored pencils  or markers you set out. During the holidays have your guests write what they are thankful for, their Christmas wishes or New Year’s resolutions.

4. Gift Bags
With a little creativity and a YouTube search, you can repurpose these bags into gift cards and envelopes or learn origami. You can also cover books or repurpose as shopping bags for grocery runs or use as colorful storage.





5. Mod Podge
Is life complete without Mod Podge? Mine isn’t. It is great for sealing, gluing, decoupage and so much more. Mod Podge is usually sold in a matte or gloss finish. I personally like the matte finish for most of my projects.





6Tacky Glue
Considered an all-around crafting adhesive, tacky glue dries clear and flexible, cleans up easily with water, and is non-toxic.

You can use it on paper, fabric that you don’t plan to wash, ribbon, wood, and pottery. This adhesive has been around for over fifty years and is highly predictable. Again, another great dollar store find.




7. Wood Craft Sticks
It makes me happy that these are sold in such large packs. I go through these sticks like crazy when mixing paint, adding glue to craft projects, making frozen treats for kids, and speaking of kids… kids can build and decorate picture frames for their loved ones using these sticks.




8. Glue Gun Sticks
The glue sticks I found are smaller and skinnier than most, so check that your glue gun can accept this size. If so, it’s a great steal. You can never have too many glue sticks. Hot glue is a life saver.

From hemming pants last minute to fixing picture frames to repairing your wire cutter handles, I always turn to my glue gun. I have also made many awesome Halloween costumes using hot glue. Sorry mom, I can’t sew like you!


9. Craft Tape
During my trip, I found so many cute rolls of craft tape! I use it to decorate so many things from wrapping it around pencils, decorating my laptop, and gift wrapping.

There are so many other uses such as sprucing up reusable water bottles to create your own custom look, decorating cards, scrap-booking, wrap it around cell phone cords or put it on cell phone covers. It can go almost anywhere you want it to go.


10. Wreath Making 
I so totally scored on wreath making finds! They offered many different shapes, materials and sizes. There  are so many uses other than  securing silk flowers to make a wreath. Especially the foam wreaths and blocks . They can be used to stabilize items and flowers in candle rings or centerpieces. They also carry silk flowers, floral tape and wire circles for wreaths.

Foam for wreath making and centerpieces can be really expensive. I don’t know how these dollar and .99 stores do it and make money, but if you can find it there, buy it! It’s a steal!

Hope these finds have you thinking and your creative juices flowing!

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Until next time, Stay creative!


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