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Wow Mom with a Beautifully Set Table

Wow Mom with a Beautifully Set Table

Are you treating your mom or favorite lady to a Mother’s Day meal? If so these time-saving and low cost ideas will help you concentrate on your delicious meal and make the table look amazing in a snap with little or no creativity. This extra touch shows you care and makes guests feel special.

I was surfing the web and found that using fruit, flowers, branches or other items, can make a one-of-a-kind table setting for mom and guests. Some can be taken home to display or used again to create a memory (we all know I love memories).

Here are some of the ideas I found. Let me know if you have ideas also and what you did. I would love to see your creativity!

Inspiration for an Easy, Fast & Affordable Mother’s Day Place Setting

Wood Heart with Twine

Of course I love this one, because I am all about the wood signs! Easy to simply get some hearts at your local craft store, paint, add names and thread with twine around a napkin. I love how they added the lavender plant accent.

Branch Out

Cut a branch from a tree and then a slit in the top for a card with your guest’s name in it. You can also use wine corks if you do not want or have a tree branch to cut.

Floating Flowers

I have tried this before in both a wine glass with one flower and in a centerpiece with multiple flowers. Sometimes they sink and if they don’t they rot. Apparently there is a trick to keep flowers fresh and afloat for a longer time. You simply cut a small square of bubble wrap (smaller than the bloom),. poke a hole in the middle, place the stem through, then pace in water. The bubble wrao keeps flowers floating (especially those heavy roses) and it keeps the petals and leaves out of the water for a longer lasting display.  I also read that if you put 1/2 teaspoon of vodka per 16 oz. of water, cut stems will last longer. Let me know what you find out.

Farm Theme Meal

Look for miniature ceramic or plastic farm animals at your local craft or dollar store store and wrap string around the neck with a tag. Easy peasy!

Write On!

Write directly on to a piece of fruit to mark where your guests are sitting. This lemon uses navy blue, but you can find the fruit and color you want to match your decor. I saw apples and pomegranites with metallic pens that were beautiful!

Elegantly Affordable

If you are looking for more of a formal idea on a budget, get cardstock and print or hand write a place card and a menu for each setting.

Modern Mom

Geometric shapes are complimented with 2 layers of cardstock and a ribbon attached around a napkin.

Mother’s Day Picnic

Grab some old fashioned bottles of her favorite soda and hang labels from it for outdoor or picnic fun!

Springy Sense of Humor

These cute little spring flowers that are made from cardstock and a large hole punch, found at a craft store, can be printed or handwritten with anything you want to say! “Dig in” “Eat”, and any funny sayings that you come up with. You can also add memories of funny times with mom.

Marshmallow Yumminess

Use marshmallows with slits in them to place a card and a sprig of rosemary or another herb or edible flower. You can also make these out of clay which will harden and become a keepsake she will be able to take home.

Succulents to Save Her Place

Use a succulent to save a place at the table for mom, the special women and guests. She can take hers home and they will grow like your love for her. Check out Sweet Pea’s Nursery and Pet Boutique for the widest variety of succulents in Northern California.

Speaking of Sweet Pea’s, join us for our Mother’s Day Celebration at Sweet Pea’s where we will be creating a custom planter box for your mom or your favorite lady! Bring her to spend time creating memories, having fun and enjoying a mimosa together (workshops make great gifts) or register to make a gift for her for Sunday! Hurry and register, seats are limited and this class is almost full!

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